Parents and Students

Resources, Info, and more!

Parents and Students

This page if just for you! Along with regular communication on Facebook and Instagram (WyldLife and Young Life), it's going to be the hub of our communication moving forward. So please check this page often for the latest updates and information regarding everything WyldLife and Young Life.

Contact Information Form

Please take a moment and complete the Contact Information Form. We want to make sure we have the latest contact information for kids and parents/guardians, so we make sure you don’t miss out on anything.


Also, when you complete the form, be sure and let your Leader know so they can send you a surprise in the mail!


If you don’t already receive the Young Life monthly newsletter, updates, and special events emails, please sign up today. Sign up link.


We are working hard on developing resources for students to continue to grow in their faith during this time. Please keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram (WyldLife and Young Life), your email for the latest updates.

Bible App - Link

A great resource with reading plans, different translations (the NIV, NLT, ESV, and CSB are all great options for a great reading experience), and ways to connect with Leaders (add Caleb @calwheeler to see what he's reading)

The Bible Project - Link

Want to learn more about God, Jesus, and the Bible? Check out these great videos from The Bible Project (which is based right here in Portland, OR!)

Zoom App - Download Link

Grab the Zoom app for you phone, computer, or tablet and be ready for your next hangout time with your Leader and friends! For more information about your next hangout time be sure and check the Calendar as well as Facebook and Instagram (WyldLife and Young Life). You can also check with your Leader for more information.

Prayer Requests

Please get in touch with a Leader and let us know how we can be praying for you and your family during this time.