A movement has begun

Reaching Forward

We are in the lives of more than two million kids in over 100 countries worldwide. For over 75 years, Young Life staff and volunteers have been walking alongside kids and helping them grow in their faith. Through weekly meetings called “club,” small groups, summer camps, weekend excursions and one-on-one time with kids, Young Life leaders build unconditional relationships with teenagers.


Yet we are aware that we have more work to do. 


As we have discussed and planned over the last year, we believe a renewed vision is coming into focus—a plan for thriving, sustainable ministry that we’re calling Forward—because that’s our calling in Young Life; we lean into things, our hearts beat for the new and the next.


Moving Forward, we seek to increase our global impact through focusing on four mission strategies:​​ ​


Deeper in Christ // Seeking the Lord first and helping kids grow in their faith.


Together // Building and equipping teams that reflect the worldwide body of Christ.


Innovation // Creating new ways today to reach kids tomorrow.


Growth // Impacting all kids​ within sight and just out of reach.​

As a mission, we’re uniting around these four mission strategies to get us to the next kid in the coming five years (2017-2022).


We will equip more volunteers, construct innovative methods to reach further kids and produce deeper relationships with kids from all walks of life.​​​​​​​